Monday, June 17, 2013

Public Speaking

Today I’m doing something I’ve been dreading for weeks. I’m going to stand up in front of a large group of women and speak. About me.

Now I know for some of you this is no big deal, and it shouldn’t be for me, either. I’m not shy in any way. I talk. As a psychiatric nurse, that’s what I do. But in that case I’m talking to and about them, not about myself. Tonight, for three minutes, a large room full of women will be looking at me and expecting something rational and hopefully interesting to come out of my mouth. And the worst part? I’m not even remotely prepared for it. Like a bad dream, I kept pushing it to the back of my mind…later…later I said; only now there is no later. The day has come and I have nothing.

I’ve thought about just reading the first few pages of my book, and that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. It’s the safest route, anyway, and requires little to no preparation on my part. But I feel like that’s not quite enough. Have any of you done any public speaking, and if so-what do you talk about?

You probably noticed I didn’t post a short today, that’s because I’ve been working on one for DL Hammon’s Write Club. For the month of June he’s accepting 500 word shorts for his Write Club competition this summer. Check it out at:

On Wednesday, I’ll post about how tonight went and then on Friday I’ll be doing a review of Immaterial Evidence by Milo James Fowler.