Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Insecure Writer's Support Group time

Hello, and welcome to my very first insecure writer’s post.
Maybe because this is my first, I find myself at a loss for what to write. Not that I’m a brilliant writer that has got it all together, far from it. My grammar leans towards the atrocious side (it turns out I love semi-colons), and thank God for spell check or all of you would see first-hand exactly what kind of grades I got in elementary school.

It’s that I’m not. I’ve never claimed to be a great writer, never had a bunch of degree letters to put after my name, never cared to, really.  I tell stories. I tell stories with the same passion and purpose as one sitting down on the edge of their children’s bed late each night.  With that comes freedom. Picture it: You’re on their bed, telling your latest version of the little people who live among the flowers-are they noticing the gaps or bad grammar? No. They’re begging for more, More!  With them I am fearless.
There is no insecurity in that.

I promise in future posts  you’ll hear how I cringe when I read a bad review and how frustrated I get when I read a typo in my manuscript that has been edited for like the thousandth time, but today, for my first, I wanted you to see how I really view my writing, or “story telling”, rather.

Please allow me one moment to do a few plugs for two very incredible people.

1.      Charmaine Clancy over at is having a kindle fire give away to help promote her new book Dognapped. It sounds like a very interesting read; go check her out.

2.      DL Hammonds at  is hosting Write Club again this summer. For those of you who don’t know what this is, think Fight Club, only with a 500 word short story, instead. I, personally, can’t wait for this to start, there’s some great writing going on out there.