Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where do you write?

Right now, I write in my bedroom. I have a couch angled towards a window and a table made from an old sewing machine. It’s just the right height for the couch and the perfect size for my laptop and a nice pot of tea; kudos to my husband for building it for me.
But that’s not where I always want to write. You see I have plans, literal ones.  Four years ago my husband and me turned our side yard into a beautiful garden with fruit trees and raised vegetable beds. The whole thing is centered around a mulberry bush that I hope (someday) will be a great climbing tree. Little did my husband know it at the time, but those weren’t my only plans. I left a big open space for a small Victorian house. Alright a shed, but you get the picture. I had no idea why I wanted it, just that I did. Now I know. I want a writing loft.
So with great plans (for my husband) in mind I look at that one bare spot in my yard and dream and hope. In the meantime I sip tea, looking at the roses instead.
Where do you write? And do you have any future plans to change that?