Thursday, January 31, 2013

End of BIg Box Brick and Mortar?

I was visiting Nathan Bransford, Author’s blog yesterday and read something that surprised me, and didn’t at the same time. He said that Banes and Noble made a statement that they were going to close a third of their stores; that’s twenty stores a year for the next ten years.
Does that surprise you?
The last time I was in a Barnes and Noble, I did buy something; it was a last minute Christmas gift that I didn’t have time to order online. But usually that’s what I do, I go to Barnes and Noble to look, but then I order on Amazon. The only exception to that is my local book store. It is a quaint little place with (free) fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee and a sales staff that knows your name and just what to recommend for you. I love it in there. I could live in there. And yes, I’ve purchased many full price books from them from the sheer pleasure of their store and their knowledge.
Where do you purchase your books?