Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time...Where does it go?

Today I’m writing about time management.  I know based on the quick turn around on some of your responses that some you have this down. I do not. Whole days go by and I wonder what I did with myself. I spend way too much time going from one half-finished job to the next. I could use the excuse that I homeschool two kids and have a toddler at home as an excuse, but I don’t know if my house would look any different if they all went to school.  Organization eludes me.
Ironically, my husband is the most organized person I know; it’s basically what he does for a living. My sister has adopted a system where she has her whole day planned out in fifteen minute segments, and she gets A LOT done in a day. While I don’t think that will necessarily work for me; I have to admit I would benefit from some kind of system.
What do all of you do to stay organized?