Monday, December 31, 2012


This isn't a year in review post or even an optimistic list of all I want to accomplish next year. This is just me sitting at my computer waiting for my kids to finally fall asleep so I can bring out the chocolate mousse I made and cook the lobsters, in that order. Not that I didn't have a great year last year,I did, but not in the way some people define greatness. I grew alot closer to my family and to God. I started (finally) taking care of my body and rediscovered some amazing new/old friends. I've stepped out in faith alot and God has been right there blowing me away with his faithfulness and surprises. I've struggled over and over with giving up control of things and I've learned that God doesn't do things for us because we're good or worthy but because He is.
In the past I was paranoid enough that when I had a really good year I'd sit there on New Year's Eve dreading each second that passed, because I knew it couldn't possibly be that good twice. Surely God would see I was too happy and pull the rug out. But not anymore. I learned that too. God's goodness has no limit. So tonight at midnight you'll find me more than likely sleeping in my bed knowing that God has some pretty amazing things in store for me next year wither I deserve them or not.

To all of you I hope you have a marvelous and blessed New Year.