Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Yesterday I was attempting to write my Author Bio for my book and really had a hard time with it. To start with I hate talking about myself; even these blog posts are a bit stretching for me. I almost never post on Facebook. Really half the time I wonder -who really cares that I took the kids to Aldi today?
I was writing my Author Bio page and when I had a rough draft done, I showed it to my oldest daughter (14) who is one of my most brutally honest critics. She took one look at it and laughed, “Whose life are you writing about? It sounds like a fantasy to me.”
I looked at it again. Okay maybe it was a bit of a stretch to say I spend most of my time reading to my children under the reading tree… but there was that one time- Remember?
So I ditched that one and went for draft number two. That one was only slightly better.  So my question for today is- How transparent are you? Do you let others see who you really are- flaws and all?
The answer for me, as evidenced by the paper littered around my floor, is an unfortunate no.