Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Which writers have influenced you?

If you’d asked me that question a week ago I would’ve had a different answer than I do today. I would have spouted off something very intellectual sounding like Austen and Dickens and maybe slid a few contemporaries in there to beef up my list like Rynd and Orwell and then just when I had you convinced I was oh so smart I’d mention Meyer and Stiefvaterto show you I was trendy, too.
But that was a week ago. Sunday as I was making an Anne of Green Gables doll for my daughter to go along with the book I want us to read together and was wrapping the Laura Ingalls nine book set I’m going to give to my seven year old nieces because that’s how old I was when I read them, I realized something about myself. I’ve always been a reader, long before I decided that in order to be a good writer I needed to beef up my own have read list. I love to read, always have and sometimes the books that influenced me the most are the simplest. Amelia Bedelia anyone?