Monday, December 3, 2012


Today I want to talk about balance.
When I first started writing, it was like an obsession for me, it was all I thought about, talked about and of course all I did. Whenever I had a spare second I was writing, on my computer, notepad, anything.  While that passion is good, it wasn’t so good for my family and my other (important) commitments. Now, about two and a half years into this venture, I can say I’ve learned a thing or two. Writing is important, it is part of who I am, but only a part. I am also a wife, so my husband deserves to have me be wholly there when we’re together. The same goes for my kids.
But balance isn’t just about people; there were whole aspects of my life I was squandering in my pursuit of being a writer. Like gardening. I love gardening and this last summer I got into it again and a thousand other things I don’t have time to mention. Balance.
And my writing? I think it’s better than ever because I haven’t neglected everything else in my life in pursuit of it.