Monday, February 1, 2016

Turning Points

Turning points, an Anthology

Randi Lee from Stay Classy Publications contacted me last year about contributing a piece for an anthology she was setting up. The theme was turning points; the stories could be long or short, fiction or nonfiction. I was hooked. I don't do well with rules, especially related to my writing. Given too many of them I just freeze. Normally. But for some reason the opposite happened in this case. I couldn't pick which story to tell. I had a few in the works, and had in fact almost completed one, when I stumbled upon another idea that was so different than anything I had ever written before that I ended up shelving the other story and  went with this new idea instead. It is a three part short story, the first of which is in this anthology. In Clockwork Orange style, each part will have twenty-one chapters, signifying a coming of age. The first section, The Reader, is about a girl with an incredible gift. What she reads, she brings to fruition. Literally. The problems start when others pick up on this particular trait she has and want to use it as their own. Not every gift was meant to be shared.
    I will continue to post updates on this project, which is expected to be released later this year. For now, here is a trailer to keep you tantalized: