Friday, February 26, 2016

FIve Year Review/Pilot Project

Today is the last Friday of the month, which makes it time to review my five year goal. Thanks to Misha Gericke for putting this on each month. My goal? To have a world class publishing company. Right now things are going well. The patent is pending for Ubooks and Black and White is opening up for submissions in May. We’re currently working on a children’s book project that I’m really excited about—both the author and illustrator are super-talented, which makes my job much easier. I’ll post more on that later. The pieces just seem to be coming together.


Today is also Pilot Project Review time.

I know this is a bit dated, but my daughter and I decided to go retro: Cheers. We figured if we liked it, we could move onto Fraiser. Well, we didn’t like it, at least not the pilot. In it, Diane shows up in Sam’s bar with her fiancĂ©. He leaves her there and, feeling sorry for her, Sam offers her a job, which she takes. If it sounds dry, it’s because it is. On the plus side, there is something about the idea of a place where you're welcome, no matter who you are. Which explains the rag-tag mix of characters who make a debut there. There's Carla, the tiny ornery barmaid who somehow manages to command everyone's respect. And who can forget Norm and Cliff, the two always planted on their seats at the end of the bar--a great place to command/dictate the course of conversation. And Sam. The ex-ball player who is also an ex-drunk who happens to own the place.  So will I keep on watching the show? No. Would I be there if such a place existed? Absolutely.
Have a great weekend everyone.