Monday, February 15, 2016

Life Changes

My oldest daughter is graduating this year and youngest is in kindergarten. I know—not really good planning on our part, but that’s just how it worked out. For the last eight years we have homeschooled our children. The plan was always to re-evaluate at the end of every year to determine if homeschooling was still the best option for our family, but this is the first year we’ve actually done it. We’ve toured one private school that we and the kids love and my middle child is spending a day there tomorrow to see if it's a good fit for her. Having been homeschooled all her life, she's having some reservations about going to a “regular” school. I am, too. Talk about a life change. My oldest is about to be off to college, and my younger two will potentially be gone all day. But it feels like a good thing, the right thing, for all of us. Tomorrow will tell for sure.

Had any major life changes lately?