Monday, February 29, 2016

Free Day

Today is a free day, or at least that’s the way I’m looking at it. But really, it’s not. I still have to homeschool; still have to write a few pieces for A to Z, still have to edit a book. I still have to go into work this afternoon. Part of me wants to call it all off and just enjoy the day—but I do enjoy all that stuff. Homeschool is just spending one on one time with my kids and the A to Z is flash fiction; my personal favorite. I love my jobs, so there’s nothing wrong there, either. So why this feeling of just wanting to stay in bed? Maybe because this day only comes once every four years I’ve got it in my head it’s a holiday or something. Maybe it should be. 
Who’s with me?  



  1. I'm with you!
    Unfortunately, I'm at work.

  2. I know so many people who said they felt like today should be a holiday. Glad you like your jobs so much.

  3. I'd have voted for a holiday yesterday! I was beat, never a good way to start the week!

    And I had t laugh. You're like me--work all morning and then "go to work" in the afternoon.