Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FIve Year Goals/Year in Review

Last Friday of the Month
Since this is the end of the year, all those participating in the Five year project will be mixing it up a bit with a year in review as well as goals for the upcoming year. If you want to visit the rest of us, or better yet join us you can find the list here 
Year in Review: Last year I published four books. That blows my mind as I write that. Four books. And I love each one of them; each one is something I can be proud of. Mind you, that's also in the midst of moving. I don't expect to beat that next year as far as productivity goes, but I do hope to get better at the administrative part, which leads me to...
Future Goals: While I had a great year writing, the marketing aspect fell by the wayside. I did soft releases on all my books, which made sense at the time because I was so busy writing the next one. This year I plan to publish less (two, possibly three) and use that extra time to promote my books and to organize the business aspect of things.
What are your goals for the upcoming year?
*By the way, thanks for all the advice on my writing space. The new nook is wonderful, thanks to you.