Thursday, December 11, 2014


What will it take to survive as one of the last remaining humans in a world now controlled by the Nephilim? Who can Liz trust--Dan, on whom she has set all of her hopes and dreams for the last ten years, or the sullen new boy, Shem, who warns her everything she believes is a lie?

Have you ever written a book and re-written it? And then did it again? That's how it was for me. I've written 2084 three times, with almost the same number of titles. First it was Annihilation, a book I finished two years ago, but never published. Something about it just wasn't right. So I tried again, that time from a first person female POV. That helped, but it wasn't there yet. I put it aside, and started working on other things, but the story wouldn't let me. Last summer I picked it up again, and began from scratch. Originally the MCs were adults. I changed that, making it a YA novel. I kept the female POV, which is a stretch for me. I tend to write male, don't ask me why. :)  Anyway... I finally finished it, but more than that, I'm finally happy with it. It turns out they're not both the same thing.

It's now available on Amazon, you can link to it here .
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