Wednesday, January 7, 2015


First Wednesday of the Month

It doesn't feel like it should be, but today is the first Wednesday of the month making it IWSG time. It's a time where we reveal all our insecurities in this overwhelming pursuit of that wonderful word: authorship. It is a wonderful way to offer support to one another. If you feel like joining us, you can. The sign up is here.

This month my insecurity is the biggest roadblock to my writing career. It lingers behind every corner, every phone call, every trip to the library, every dish washed and every shirt folded. It is, quite simply, distraction. Distraction is what takes my best intentions and buries them under minutes turned into hours turned into years. Distractions let dust build up on my computer. Distractions are a wasting disease that will be the death of me. Distractions have me look at the clock and say "maybe later". Distractions whisper in my ear that it doesn't really matter, does it? That's when I yell at the top of my lungs  "Yes! Yes it does!" And I dust off my computer and look at the screen and I let my fingers brush along the keys.

And I start.