Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Today, I'm going to discuss Story Cartel. Like I've said before, I tend to do soft launches on all of my books. And for me that always includes Story Cartel. Basically, they offer your book to their (large) audience in exchange for an Amazon and/or Goodreads review. While this is not a drop off you book and cross your fingers kind of thing,  it has done wonders in getting the word out there about my books. Speaking of that...I have 2084 there right now. You can link to it here 
Product Details
Blurb: What will it take to survive as one of the last remaining humans in a world now controlled by the Nephilim? Who can Liz trust--Dan, on whom she has set all of her hopes and dreams for the last ten years, or the sullen new boy, Shem, who warns her everything she believes is a lie?
Initial Reviews:
Interesting Unique Tale
I think Melanie Schulz may have invented a new genre. It's 2084 end of the world. Syfy right? Yes but this is a new spin on a very old favorite. This is hard to review because I don't want to put spoilers in. It is written in first person narrative which I know some people don't like but I do if it works for the story. It definitely worked for this one.
The characters were interesting. The story not predictable. Had some twists and turns. Made me laugh when I realized what I was reading. 4 stars
Twists, Turns, Future or Past?
As a huge fan of Melanie Schulz I wasn't disappointed. A book set in the future with sacrifices, gods and a big difference in hierarchy as set by colors. The story is told by Liz, her views and her friendship with Dan, which is being torn apart by their different colors. She then becomes friends with Sham, who tells her of a different view to the world. Who can she trust? She learns of lies they have both been told, and ultimately makes a decision that may break her.
This is a hard book to review without sharing too many secrets. I loved the ending. The twists throughout. I started and read until morning as I couldn't put it down. Great read. 5 stars
I'd love for you to read 2084 for yourself and find out what you think of it. It will be on Story Cartel for another fifteen days, and then you have one week to publish your review. If you're interested in promoting your own book on Story Cartel, you can find more info here . If you do, let me know so I can support your book as well.
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