Monday, January 27, 2014

The Journal

The inspiration for this piece of flash came as my fifteen year-old daughter was showing me a You-tube video on why people over twenty-five shouldn’t be on Facebook. I know it was meant to be funny, but really it wasn’t. At all. It did however make me hyper-aware of how people are viewed in this modern day “brave new world”.

the journal.

This is John’s journal. It begins when he is fourteen and ends when he is forty. Yes, the dates are right; I intentionally made it in the very near future.

May 1, 2019

Took my mother to the morgue today. She bitched the entire time. It got annoying, especially at the end, when she grabbed onto my arm and looked at me like she knew what she was saying, like she thought she was still, I don’t know; a person.  But that couldn’t have been true, so I took her hands off me when they came to take her away.  



February 1, 2029

John Jr. wanted to go to the zoo today, but it was too damn cold out. We took him to the taxidermy section of the museum instead. Little kid didn’t even know the difference. Am I smart, or what?



May 1, 2039

They let me go at work today. Just gave my job away. They even had the balls to ask me to stay a week; show that pimply faced asshole who’s replacing me how to do my job. Like he can learn all I have to do in a week, anyhow. I told them to eat shit and die. No, I didn’t, but I should have. That’s what I’ll tell them next week when I’m done, though.



March 10, 2045

John Jr. is coming for me today. I told him he’s wrong. I told him I’m the same man I always was; I still feel.  I still love. I’m still me. He just smiles and nods, the same way I smiled and nodded at my mother, not believing a word she said, hoping she’d just be quiet and make it easy on me. She didn’t. Her cries still haunt me, especially now, when I know she was right. I won’t do that to my son. I will go quietly. That way when his time comes he won’t have to know how terrible it is.