Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Finished!

Drumroll please...

It's official. I've just finished Erron, and now it's off to my editor. This book is unlike anything I've ever written. It's shorter, only 56,000 words, and very concise. In essence it's like a very long piece of flash fiction, if that makes any sense. I love it, and hope you will to. I'll be posting the first page next week, so make sure you stop back for that. Now that I'm done with this frenzied pace I can stop by and see all of you. I missed you guys, and can't wait to read what you've been up to.

Isn't the cover amazing? I love it; it almost tells the story all in itself.

I've got about two weeks off before I need to get onto my next project. Any suggestions on what I should read?

Until next week,