Friday, July 25, 2014

Week in Review

This week has been crazy, both in good and bad ways. My grandmother’s funeral was Monday, so of course that was bad, but it brought lots of relatives from out of town that I haven’t seen in a long time, which was the good part. This week has been filled with lots of that—family get-togethers (fun) and family meetings (not so fun). But somehow, through it all, I’ve stayed on track with my book. I’ve been participating in Camp NaNo this month—my first time doing that—and it’s going alright. About half-way through the month I finished the first draft of Erron, which is what I expected, and the plan was to go on and start 2084 and then get back to revisions on Erron when NaNo was over, but I just couldn’t put that project down. So I put a pause on NaNo and gave my full attention to revisions, which, of course, has my word count plummeting. Am I the only one that bothers? For some reason watching that little red bar get further and further away from the ascending line really gets to me; it’s like seeing a goal be unrealized. I know that’s stupid. I made a conscious choice to do this, but still, it gets to me. Must be the Scottish stubbornness, I guess.
How about you—participating in NaNo? Does not meeting a goal bug you?
Have a great weekend everyone!