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In Lord Shadow's house- Part Four

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In Lord Shadow's House- Part Four
     The man reached inside his coat and pulled out a small card and put it on Jarius’s desk and turned and went out the way he’d come in without saying another word.
     Jarius reached for the card, and seeing that it was a name card, sat down to see what it was about.
The Lord Shadow of Eveningswood Manor
hereby requests the honor of your presence.
     He flipped it over and read the back side that had an address posted on it, followed by one other line:
Giving you the one thing you desire.
He held the card in his hand for several minutes before standing to leave through the same door that Jethro Taylor had left through some time before.
     Jarius knew the place well. He’d lived there most of his life, had established a business for himself, and was welcome in most of the homes of its most upstanding citizens. He’d never heard of a Lord Shadow before, nor an Eveningswood Manor. He did, however, recognize the street in which the card claimed it to be.
     It was the middle of the morning when Jarius headed out on foot, in fear of the embarrassment it would cause him to give an address to a coach, only to have it end in nowhere. The streets were relatively empty, as they usually were that time of day.
     He consoled himself with the notion that such a mission was to be handled delicately, and in any case the street in question was only a few short blocks away.
     The sun beat brightly down on Jarius’s head, making him feel the fool. And a fool he was, on a fool’s errand when there was work to be done, and to top it all off, he’d forgotten to bring his hat, making him appear to be far less grand than he hoped to look, should there actually be a Lord Shadow to find.
     The street in question was not one for Manors, or houses. It was a road facing the river on one side and the back of businesses on the other. Jarius knew this. He knew this, but still he went in search of a house and a man who could make his one dream come true.
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