Friday, November 22, 2013

Express Yourself and Celebrate the Small Things

The question for this week is what do you carry around in your purse/wallet? I'm thirty-seven years old and I finally started carrying around a purse a couple years ago. I just never liked them- too bulky I guess. But my lovely Aunt Jen (waves hi) had this little plaid purse that I fell in love with, and because my Aunt is amazing, she gave it to me. Now that purse went the way of purses about a year ago, but I became hooked. I now have a fossil one I love, still small, still me. There's really only room in there for my wallet and phone, and maybe my lip gloss if I really work at it.

The small things I'm celebrating this week are:

1. I finally went to one of my local NaNo write-in things. It was at a local Spot Coffee. I went with my lap top and it turns out all sorts of wrong ideas. I thought it would be a group of people sitting side by side, soaking up the collective energy of the moment and just writing their hearts out.
Boy was I wrong. There was a group of twelve or so very writerly types sitting off in a closed circle with their lap tops all up. Obviously no room for me. So I went to the next table over and got myself some jasmine tea and plunked away. I ended up having one of the most productive hours of writing I've ever had. Maybe there is something to be said for getting out of your comfort zone after all.

2. NaNo (again) Forgive me. It's November, so I'm deep in the midst of it. My word count is in the upper thirties, which means you'll probably see a little NaNo winner badge gracing this blog at the end of the month, but more importantly, I actually like this story. It's Newstead from Steven's perspective, which has been really fun (and sometimes really hard) to write.

3. I went to see Captain Phillips with the hubbie the other night. I'm having a bit of post-traumatic stress over the whole thing, really. It reminded me a lot of my job. Not the guns and the shooting, but the high tension where you're in charge of the safety of everyone and you have to make some quick decisions or people will get hurt. And being the person front and center, more than likely that person will be you. It happens more often than I like to admit. So maybe it's a good thing that as of January I won't be doing it anymore.

So what about you? Celebrating any small things? What do you carry in your purse or wallet?