Friday, November 15, 2013

Express Yourself, Celebrate the Small Things, Realms Faire

The question for this week is: What are the tip five TV shows you're watching right now? A lot of what I watch right now is just because my husband is watching something and I want to spend time with him. And that tends to be stuff like Duck Dynasty, Mountain Men, Moonshiners, Doomsday Preppers, and Alaska, the Last Frontier. But after he goes to bed, and it's just me...I put on The Big Bang Theory.

Right now, I'm 24,000 words into NaNo, and I really like where the story is going. The plot is strong, and I'm in-love with at least three of the characters. On another note, I don't know whether this is something to celebrate or not, but I will officially be a full time writer in January. God is giving me the big push. The psychiatric unit I've worked at for the last five years is closing.  I will no longer be a nurse/writer on the side. Scary, but good.
Don't forget about the Realms Faire! Today is the last day for some great prizes!
What are you celebrating today? Have you ever made that leap into full-time writing (if you wanted to or not) What are your top five favorite TV shows?