Friday, March 4, 2016

Pilot Project

Pilot Project Time.

In order to fill the void that finishing Friends created, my seventeen year old daughter and I are watching pilots of various comedies to find the next great show for us to watch. This week’s show is:

Fuller House.

My daughter grew up watching Full House, so this one came from her, which probably accounts for the reason why she enjoyed this more than I did. She was and is emotionally invested in the characters and was glad to see them all again, years later. Most (all but the Olson twins) made an appearance, and all (especially John Stamos) aged well. They used their same catch phrases, which to me was annoying, but, again, my daughter appreciated it. The premise was similar to the original, only now it’s DJ who’s widowed and overwhelmed with raising her kids by herself. And this time it’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler and sister Stephanie who step up and offer to help out. Dj’s dad offers his house for this new venture, so the set is the same, which also adds to the nostalgia. Steven, DJ’s old boyfriend is also there, promising potential romance. All in all it was a good, enjoyable show to watch, but not necessarily one that will keep me up late at night clamoring for the next episode like aka Jane the Virgin, which I will be reviewing next week, if I can pull myself away from Netflix long enough to write the review.

Have a great weekend everyone!