Friday, March 18, 2016

Pilot Project: Last Man Standing

 Pilot Project:

Continuing in our search to replace Friends, my daughter and I have viewed yet another pilot: Last Man Standing

My daughter is the one who suggested this and since I’m a huge Tim Allen fan, I quickly agreed. I was secretly hoping for a modern Home Improvement, and in some ways it was. Tim Allen is a strong character, as is his wife. Instead of three sons, as in Home Improvement, he has three daughters. He has a very masculine job, and fumbles through parenting in often hilarious ways. Check. Check. That’s what I liked, what I didn’t was the extreme in which Tim’s character, Mike Baxter, was portrayed as a “Man’s Man”. He was a stereotypical gun-toting, chauvinistic republican. To the opposite extreme is his eldest daughter, Kristin, who continues to live at home with her young son. They take every opportunity to have her say/do something extremely feminist/liberal. Now, I’m not easy to offend, but in this show I found myself offended, for both extremes.  Is this how conservatives and liberals are viewed by each other? I hope not. Actually, it ended a little worse for the liberals. Mike, thinking he was setting his middle child up on a date with a young co-worker, was the cause of the debacles. Kristin was the one who opened the door to this young hunk and she turned into a giggling school girl. She comes home and hugs her father, thankful he saw what she really needed, and despite her many, many earlier statements, it turns out what she needed was a man. Now, even though I lean more to the conservative, I cringed inwardly, feeling for all those who had been watching and rooting for this young woman, so easily turned away from her stance. Not good.

Now, keep in mind I’ve only seen the pilot, hopefully these extremes settled down a bit as the show went on.

Also, I'm being featured today at Yolanda Renee's blog for my story, Haunted, which will be included in Parallels: Felix was here being released May 3rd. Stop over and say hi!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That's interesting. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I sometimes watch this show with my husband. I never noticed this.

  2. I've seen a few shows but it's not one I'll go back too unless everything else disappears. :)

  3. Haven't seen this show, but I love Tim Allen.

  4. My husband and I really like the show. It was a bit annoying at first with the politics (and sometimes still is) but it isn't as bad later on.