Monday, March 28, 2016

Back from the Road

Last week I drove from Upstate New York to Alabama and back in six days, with three kids and my mother in a cramped, mid-size car.

Here’s what I learned.

A.     Plans that sound all warm and fuzzy while at home may not necessarily be so on the road. Meaning:

1.      Stopping every few hours at various points of interest just isn’t as wonderful as it seems. Especially with three tired, cranky kids. On the road, you just want to get there already.

2.      My kids are very, very loud, especially when going through rush-hour traffic.

3.      I turn into a grizzly when #2 occurs.

4.      The phrase “Are we there yet?” is still in use. Every three miles. And we drove two thousand.

But it was all worth it because…

A.     We were traveling two thousand miles for a reason. My Aunt and cousins live in Alabama

1.      Now my kids get to see how wonderful Aunt Patty is.

a.      Best cook ever.

b.      Drips with southern hospitality.

c.      Wonderful Christian woman.

2.      All of us got to experience a whole new culture (If you’re from New York, that’s what Alabama is).

a.      It was fun watching my youngest daughter trying to pick up the accent. She fell in love with it, along with most of the people there.

B.     I was able to stop in Versailles, one of the settings for The Newstead Saga. For some reason, going to the actual sites is very inspirational for me.

C.     I saw versions of my kids I never knew existed, my son especially. He’s unknowingly hilarious when he’s cranky. Example: When we finally pulled up to my Aunt’s house, my son was the first to roll out of the car, yelling, “I’m never going to Alabama again!” We were greeted with my Aunt’s booming laughter, who had heard every word.

How about you every had a vacation that was wonderful in spite of itself?