Monday, June 6, 2016

What I'm reading and why

I’m in a sad state in my life, I rarely read for pleasure anymore. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate; I get pleasure from many things I read. I guess the word I’m looking for is leisure. I never read anything unless I have a specific reason. And right now I'm reading the following:

Affected by Randi Lee
Reason: writing style
As most of you know, Randy Lee is a phenomenal writer. Her voice is incredibly strong, and right now I’m working on a sparse piece where I need an incredibly strong voice.  I actually finished this book over the weekend.  Highly recommended.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Reason: writing style and romantic element
Maggie has a subtle way of introducing romance in this book; just enough to pull you in, but not over-the-top like some modern day romances. Again, I’m working on a piece now where I want that kind of romantic element. For me writing is all about emotions. They need to be charged before I start and this book has been good for that.

Tramp for the Lord by Corrie ten Boom
Reason: emotionally charged
For those of you unfamiliar with Corrie, she was the author of The Hiding Place, a true story about her and her family hiding Jewish people in a secret room during the Holocaust. She and her family were sent to a concentration camp for these efforts, resulting in the death of her sister and her father. I highly recommend reading The Hiding Place and I have, many times. Talk about emotion charging! This book is a sequel to that—the story of Corrie’s life after the war.  While not as soul stirring as The Hiding Place, this book has left me crying on more than one occasion, which for me, is a very good thing.

How about you—what are you reading and why?