Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Plans

Summer is the best time of year—at least that’s my personal opinion, and let me tell you why:

1.      You get to enjoy all that work you put into the garden in April and May

2.      Camping and S’mores, pool parties and hiking

3.      A break from homeschooling (my personal favorite)

Here’s what my plans are for this summer:

1.      Go on a backpacking/hiking trip with the kids

2.      We got season passes to our local amusement park, so I plan to be there at least weekly

3.      I’m taking a writer’s retreat—one week in a cabin—heaven.

4.      Plan to catch up with some old friends vie Saturday night cookouts at our place.

5.      Visit my friends in the Adirondacks –for those of you who’ve read Erron—yes, the lake is real.

That’s about it; no really big trips planed, just spending time at home enjoying the weather and each other. Professionally, I hope to finish The Writer and The Open Book; the short story sequels to The Reader which is coming out later this month as part of The Thing that Turned Me Anthology. Look for those in August. In July I’m participating in Camp NaNo, finishing up short stories for Sister’s Grimm—a project I’m working on with my sister, author Emily White. It’s a collection of thirty-one fairy tales to be released one per day in the month of October, right here on this blog; Ubook style. Jellyfish Jones—Black and White’s first picture book—is to be released a week from Wednesday; so that’s got me busy right now, making sure everything is perfect with that.

That’s about it for me—what are you plans for this summer?


  1. Not much for camping but your writer's retreat sounds great!

  2. I'm so jealous that you're going on a writer's retreat. I'm planning to treat myself to one next summer, as a birthday gift :-) Sounds like you have an awesome summer planned. My plans this summer are all about writing and revision. I have one book in draft, and another I'm revising. They won't be done until closer to Christmas, but I can still get some good work in during these lazy, summer months.

  3. No big plans. We have a few social outings on the schedule but mostly we're just staying home and enjoying the pool and worrying about my daughter being overseas. Worrying can be full time.

  4. I wish we lived close enough to a park to go that often. I did get my roller coaster fix earlier this year and we have a trip to Busch Gardens planned.

  5. It sounds like a very interesting summer, especially the writer's retreat (I'm jealous!). My summer plans include a road trip to explore the state that I moved to last year, because there are several cool cities here that I'd like to visit.

  6. That sounds like the perfect summer, Melanie. I am waiting for the sunshine to start beaming over here. It's JUNE for goodness sake. STOP RAINING!!! :) Enjoy your time - you fully deserve a good time.

  7. I need to plan to go hiking at least. Hope you have a great summer!