Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Wanderer

This year I will be featuring my flash fiction in a collection titled Alphabet Soup; Ubook style. Each video is ninety seconds or less and commercial free during April. Feel free to share them on which ever social media you use.


Like Ubooks? You can check out the rest here. 
Don’t forget to look for my short story, Haunted, coming out on May 3rd in Parallels: Felix was here, as well as my short story, The Reader, set to be released May 31st as part of The Thing that Changed Me Anthology. Also, beginning May 1st, Black and White will begin accepting submissions. Find out more info here.


  1. I like how the mood changes from exciting to terrified so neatly.

    I mentioned Haunted today in my W blog.

  2. That music had me terrified even without the words.

    Finding Eliza

  3. Scary stuff today, Melanie. I love this daily visit. It gets my senses going!