Friday, October 30, 2015

FIve Year Project

Last Friday of the Month

Hello everyone! Today is the last Friday of the month, which makes it Five Year Project time. Thanks to Misha Gericke for putting this on each month, if you’d like to join us, you can find more information here .

My five year project is to have a world-class publishing company. What can I say, I like to dream big. So, how’s it going? Really, really well. I’ve finished the Newstead series, which has given me time to focus on editing and shorter projects. With that pressure off, I feel like I’ve found myself, what I’m good at, what I’m not. And I’ve come to the place in my life where that’s okay. I’m (finally) learning to delegate. You’d think I would’ve gotten that one down by now, but I haven’t. I tend to like to take over things. Wait, this post is starting to sound like IWSG. J But seriously, I’m finally seeing all the dots connect, and they’re all pointing to helping other people publish. So, again, how’s it going?
Really, really well.

How’s it going for you?