Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seconday Characters

To me, these are almost as important as the primary. They add the flavor and the tension, which is where the real story is. In Pathfinders, there are two worlds with two sets of secondary characters. In the Waking world, there is Parker’s mom and step dad. They’re both yellers, especially his mom. I first decided on this about three months ago when I noticed two separate incidences where a parent was screaming (in public) at a child who looked like they wanted to crawl inside themselves. And that’s what Parker does. He crawls inside himself. Because in the other world, the Wondering world, no one yells. There he’s Matt, and there he’s important, at least to the secondary characters: Sara and Mitch. Sara likes to think she’s Matt’s girlfriend (she wishes) but Matt’s not really interested. He’s too busy taking down giants with Mitch to worry about girls. At least at first. Anyhow…there they are. Hope you like them.