Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Indie Life

Second Wednesday Each Month

Hello everyone! Today is the second Wednesday of the month, making it Indie Life time. It’s a day set aside each month to talk about this Indie publishing world in hopes to educate and encourage each other. If you feel like joining us, or visiting the rest of us who are involved, you can find the list here.

For me, the best teacher has been my own mistakes, and I’ve made them all. Seeing someone else’s grammatical nightmares isn’t so earth shattering as seeing my own, which quickly drives home those little rules like who and not that when you’re referring to people, and their, not they’re, when you’re talking about ownership. It’s been a long road; four and a half years for me, but I’m still learning, which means I’m still making mistakes. I have no reference for this, but I’ve heard a story about group of nuns who purposefully put mistakes in their work, because only God is perfect. I laugh every time I hear that. Trust me; if there’s a mistake in my work, it’s not on purpose. And it’s not for lack of editing*, either. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has gone over their work a hundred times, in all its various forms, sent it to other editors, copy and the like and still, STILL, finds typos and other humbling things. It’s almost enough to have me subscribe to Grammerly. By the way, has anyone tried this yet? If you have, I’d love your feedback; anything that would get rid of those “surprises” in my work. A girl can dream, right?


*If any of you noticed the huge number of commas in this post, know they aren’t there because my grammar sucks, they’re there because I really, really like commas. J