Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life Update

Life Update:
Two weeks from today I'm moving from the home I've lived in for the last sixteen years. We've had our children here and watched them grow. It's been a good place for us. I've loved it here. It's strange though; we've lived here so long but we really only know our direct neighbors. Our town is one of those small places where your grandparent's grandparents had to have lived there for you to be accepted. Ironically, my ancestors were one of the founding fathers, but I guess since I'm the first representative for the last hundred years or so that doesn't count. It's always seemed like an odd custom to me; this small town life, but like any custom I've enjoyed watching and analyzing it. The house we're moving to isn't part of a town, or a city; it's out in the country, which will be a nice change for us. We plan on having a few chickens and maybe a goat or two. I met my husband on a farm, so I guess it's only fitting we should spend the rest of our lives at one. Strangely enough in all this chaos I've managed to finish the first draft of my novel, 2084, as well as revisions and the first rounds of edits. I plan to do a soft release sometime in December. It's the second book in the Newstead Anthem series; a collection of three stand-alone books directly related to the Newstead Trilogy. It will be my shortest work, only two hundred pages, but all told it's taken me the longest. I think I started this book the first time over two years ago. So out into the world it will come and I for one will celebrate it's birth with a very large glass a wine. I'm making review copies of it available the beginning of December. If any of you are interested, just let me know.
How about all of you--what's going on in your lives? I'd love to hear it.

Until then,