Wednesday, November 5, 2014


First Wednesday of the Month

This November I’m participating in NaNo* again, which has given me all sorts of good material for this month’s IWSG, the biggest one being that I just can’t seem to write fast. No matter how much I prepare, I crawl along at about 750 words an hour, and that’s on a good day. Don’t even get me started on when I’m having a bad one. You’d think after four years in this writing thing I’d pick up the pace a bit, but I haven’t. Actually, I think I’ve slowed down a little. I use to write like crazy then go back and spend the next year editing and fixing. Now I go slower, which for me means a lot less time later on. So I prod on, but it does make it hard for NaNo when you see yourself falling further and further behind every day. Are there any other slow writers out there who feel my pain?

*NaNo is short for National Writing Month, which happens to be November. If you’re not involved I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful accountability tool, not to mention a lot of fun. You can find out more at