Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shameless plug

Just a heads up to let you know on November 2nd, I will be doing a cover reveal for my novel The Newstead Project, as well as the book trailer, and swag give away. The book itself is due out May 1, 2013. If any of you would like to review it on your blogs, I would greatly appreciate it. A little closer to the release date, I’ll probably be contacting some of you. It’s been an exciting process. The publishing company I’m working with is very author friendly, which basically means I have a lot of say about the cover, trailer, swag, edits, etc. Good, but scary at the same time. I know that as the author, I have the vision about how I want things to look, be, presented, but still; scary.
Oh in case I didn’t mention it the swag is bookmarks (of course) and black cinch sacs with the Plan Well. Plan Wisely.  logo on it. All are free, except shipping, if interested go to my website after November 2nd.
Thanks for allowing my shameless plug. I’ll be back on Tuesday with a review of SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater.