Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Riders on the Storm, part 1

Riders on the Storm, part 1
The towns flashed by as I looked out the passenger window. Unnamable places full of people I would never meet.  Busy with their lives; lost in the details, completely unaware how close they had come to tragedy.
I had resigned myself to the idea of being a statistic, just waiting for my time to be up.  I barely recognized the man seated next to me; whose foot pressed harder and harder on the gas pedal, hoping a cop would pull him over; longing for the standoff.
My life had been reduced to a series of events. The man who had once been my father dragging me out of school; gunshots being fired at a toll booth, children whimpering as their mother bravely stood in front of them, unknowingly blocking my father’s path; never dreaming a trip to the 7-11 would change their lives forever.  He returned to the car with whatever he felt like grabbing; a Twix bar and Cheetos were thrown in my direction.  Only another six pack for him.
That had been yesterday, the gradually lightening sky indicating that somehow I had survived to see another day.