Monday, January 3, 2011

THE KID part 3

THE KID, part 3
Thankfully no one was. Seth sauntered into the boy’s locker room, purposefully waiting until he knew that the coast would be clear.  He had come far too close that day; having his authority questioned.  If THE KID was in there he would be forced to retaliate for all of his statements.
Seth quickly changed by himself, so it wasn’t until he was in his street clothes and headed towards sixth period English that he walked past a mirror.
He stopped short as he instantly realized the reason for the awkward glances, the murmurs. THE KID'S words replayed through his mind: “Your such a phony, I wish people could see who you really are…”
There was no denying it; the person in the mirror was an exact representation of all that Seth had tried so hard to hide over the last two years.
Sweltering boils covered his face and most of his hairless head; unfelt until the moment he saw them, now pulsating in new levels of pain, growing larger with each passing second.  But that wasn’t the part that was engrained in Seth’s mind; it was the frozen sneer on his mouth, as if his nerves had been severed.  And the cold, vacant look in his eyes; his empty eyes.  Eyes that told nothing of the shriek of terror that was bubbling up inside of him
I wish people could see who you really are.