Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Ubook Releases

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Here are the February's Ubook releases! Enjoy.  
Strange things happen to Liza Brown. Buildings fall down. Libraries start on fire. But the strangest of all is him--the phoenix who expects her to drop everything and follow him. View The Freed Book edition here.

Shifting Sands by Elizabeth Seckman is a prequel to Past Due, the first book in the Coulter Men series. In the series, each of the three Coulter brothers has his chance to tell his story and find his happily ever after. In this story, Angel, the broken girl who sets the stage for her sister’s tragedy, gets a chance to tell hers. View the Freed Book edition here.

Meet Grandma Becky. She's pulled up a chair at her kitchen table and set out her favorite mugs filled to the brim with her special hot cocoa. Stay awhile and hear some stories about the farm she grew up on, her family, and the many adventures they had. View the Freed Book edition here.
On Meadowbrook farms live three sheep, fifteen chickens and two little girls with their parents. So begins this delightful tale by Liz Daniels where playhouses come in all shapes and sizes, but don't necessarily last forever. Illustrated by Gail DiCarlo, music by Nathan Moran. View the Freed Book edition here.
A sad but quirky romance by Melanie Schulz where time is precious and life is something not to be missed. View the Freed Book edition here.