Friday, October 28, 2016

Five Year Goals: Set Books Free

Last Friday of the Month

Today is the last Friday of the month, which makes it time to review some goals. A little over a year ago, I signed up for The Five Year Project with Misha Gericke  (waves hi and says many thanks for coming up with this brainchild and hosting it each month). Basically, it’s about goals and accountability. We begin by making a goal we’d like to achieve in five years, then we review those goals each month to track our progress. My goal: to have a world-class publishing company. I was never one to dream small. With just four years and counting, how is it going?
Really, really well.

1.    *Ubooks are up and running, with new authors and new stories joining the mix in November—look for flash fiction from Milo James Fowler and a picture book from Liz Daniels.

2.   A central hub has been created for a major marketing push, beginning in November—but you can get a sneak peek now—check out I am super excited about this—it’s a site/push directly aimed at my target audience: Young Adults. With that in mind, they’ll be some major changes to this blog as well—look for those to begin on the first.

3.   Still actively seeking new authors. Our line-up is full for the rest of this year, but I may be willing to make an exception for a really great story. Who needs to spend Thanksgiving with family, right? I kid, I kid.  Seriously, though—I’ve read some really great stories lately and am excited to make a round of offers in the next couple weeks or so for publication next year.

That about covers it for now. If you get a chance, stop back on Monday, for a special Halloween surprise. Until then—

*patent-pending musically enhanced video book format, only available through