Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Writer's Retreat

Nest week I’m embarking on something I’ve wanted to do for years: a writer’s retreat—not a thing to do but write—all meals made, no cleaning to do, just me and my computer. But, there is a draw back—no WiFi—which means no post for next week. Sorry about that that, but I hope to make up for it the week after with all the details. Have any of you gone on a writer’s retreat before? The one I’m going to isn’t as seclusive as I’d like; there’s still electricity and civilization nearby, but since I write on a computer, those were compromises I had to make. For those of you who’ve taken one, do you have any suggestions?

My work list:

I plan on finishing my part of Sisters Grimm, a project I’m working on with my sister Emily White, to be released in October. Also, I’m creating a short story trilogy Ubook: The Reader, The Writer, and The Open Book, which I hope to release in September. There is another project I’m procuring right now that I’m so excited about, but I don’t think the contract will be finalized until after I get back, so I won’t be able to work on that. L But I will be thinking about it… I’ll pass on more details as soon as they’re available.

Also, thanks for all the love concerning Jellyfish Jones. Your suggestions were great!
Have a wonderful week everyone!