Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Don’t compare yourselves with others. Either you’ll think their work/house/body/life/etc. is better than yours, which is bad. Or you’ll think your work/house/body/life/etc. is better than theirs, which is worse.


Hello everyone! Hope all of you are doing well. I’ve been through a few extremes lately. Last week I was on a beach and the weather was pushing eighty. I had nothing to do but stuff my face and read a book. This week I’m at my desk playing catch-up and looking out the window at a blanket of snow. It is eighteen degrees out right now. I’m not kidding. Anyhow…
JACK SPRAT 2 (finished1)

One of my pieces of flash fiction was included in this quarters Jack Spratt. I struggled with this one. I knew I wanted to submit, and the category sounded fun: Genre mashups using a Crayola color in the title, with a twist at the end. Sounds simple, right? No. Turns out I don’t do very well when there are any stipulations in there. My brain froze for almost a month on this, but I eventually got it done. For those interested, here is the link


Also, the second chapter of The Newstead Project, uBook style is now out. Please feel free to share however you’d like.

Due to reader feedback, I’ve included a narrated version. Here is The Newstead Project, chapter one, narrated by Nathan  Moran. Enjoy.

Take care,