Friday, September 18, 2015


Here it is.

It's been over a year in the making, but I am happy to (finally) announce the release of the fourth and last novel in the Newstead series: Bloodbrothers.

Joel Cranston thinks Steven is dead, Newstead is empty, and Rachel is his.
Joel Cranston is as clueless as ever.

You can get it 

This is bittersweet for me; I'm happy to see a conclusion to Joel's story, but I will miss being with him everyday. I started writing this series five years ago, and finished this book almost to the day of our anniversary. Can you believe it? Time has just flown by. 

For those of you who offered to help promote this, I'll be happy to take you up on it. Anyone else who wants to spread the word, it would be much appreciated.

Also, an update on that writing class I told you about--it went very well. Thanks for all your suggestions, they really helped. I went in just being myself. When we had a little extra time at the end, we just talked about the books we loved and why we loved them; no end to the conversation there. In case I don't say it enough, thanks for all you do. I'm so grateful for each one of you!

 Until next time.


  1. Congratulations, Melanie! I'll let everyone know on Monday.
    Sad when a series ends, but you can always revisit the characters.

  2. What Alex said is right. The characters can branch out on their own adventures.

  3. MELANIE I CANNOT WAIT TO READ THIS! (Sorry for the caps...I'm just super excited over this new book!)

    1. AND I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK OF IT! (Can you tell I'm excited, too?)

  4. How exciting! Sounds like a great read.

  5. Congratulations! Of course I will spread the word. You can always guest post on my blog and I'll tweet about it too when it comes out.

  6. Wahoo! Book #4? That's amazing. Crazy how quickly it goes, eh? It's like watching your kids grow up. One day they're little, and the next....they're not so little. ;)