Thursday, May 7, 2015

A to Z: Reflection

This was my fourth year doing the challenge, second as an assistant to a co-host. I always love doing A to Z; it helps me connect with blogs I might never have known about, and does the same thing for my blog. It’s a wonderful, full, exciting month. That being said, I noticed I didn’t get a lot done in the writing department. And I didn’t visit as many new blogs this year as I would’ve liked. Maybe I stretched myself too thin, or maybe it’s because I already have a large base of blogs I visit and I made them my first priority. And that list. Sometimes my eyes crossed just looking at it. In past years I promised myself I’d go back and visit all the blogs on the list that I’d missed during the challenge. This year I hope I do. That’s probably my biggest regret over this past challenge, even more than completely ignoring my WIP: I didn’t get to find as many new blogging friends as I have in years past.  

And I probably shouldn’t have put off writing my flash pieces until right before the challenge started. That made the whole thing much more stressful than in needed to be. So maybe I’ll do that, too: Start writing pieces of flash this summer/fall in prep for next year.

Yeah, I can’t see myself doing that, either. But it’s a nice thought, isn’t it?