Wednesday, September 3, 2014


First Wednesday of the Month

Today is the four year anniversary of this whole writing thing for me, and ironically, the third anniversary for ISWG. Coincidence? Maybe not. My writing life has been full of insecurities, especially in the beginning. At that time I was told a million and one reasons why I shouldn't write my particular story--it had already been written, it wasn't mainstream enough, etc, etc, etc. I think that's what they tell everybody. It's evident every time I try to find a new book to read. Everything is the same. Except in Indie--except with all of you. We don't have "gatekeepers" telling us what to write. We write what we love, and it shows. So what have I learned over the past four years concerning my insecurities as a writer?
That I don't care. I'm going to write the story I was meant to write.
Speaking of that...
Erron is officially released today. Enjoy.

For years, Erron has been running from the ones who have slaughtered his family. With his abilities it's been easy. Until Willow. It turns out caring about someone has it's costs. He's no longer uncatchable.

It's available now on Amazon and Kindle. Get your copy here