Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Indie Life

Second Wednesday Each Month

This is kind of a continuation from an earlier post when I wrote about writing what you love, and for the most part all of you agreed. So, if that's what we're doing, I have one question: Why aren't we seeing more unique books out there? Because we aren't, except for in Indie.

After four years in this, I think I've come up with the reason.
I've been to two major conferences, and a couple of minor--and they all said the same thing, both editors and agents alike: write the story you were meant to write, but they don't mean it. Now hear me out, I'm sure they want good stories to publish, but the bottom line is; they're salesmen. They go where the money is. Don't believe me? Try submitting that book that came straight from your heart. Chances are you'll be told male POV isn't selling right now, or the market is flooded with (insert whatever here). The list goes on and on. Bottom line: They don't care about the story that's in your heart; they only care about what sells. I know it sounds like I'm bitter, but I'm not. Actually, I see it as an opportunity. Because while they're busy publishing the same old same old, we as Indies will be providing the market with what's fresh, different, alive. And in the end, that will make all the difference.