Thursday, August 30, 2012

You shouldn’t have. Really.

My sister showed me a picture the other day of a famous painting that hung in a church for years. Over time it began to fade and one of the older parishioners decided to take it upon herself to fix it. I guess she thought her few art lessons made her an expert. 
 I’ve never been to that church, never seen the painting in real life, I’m not even an artist, but I can tell you I cringed in horror as I looked at the before and after.  She butchered it.
Now I have a confession to make.
I’m a HUGE Jane Austin fan. Pride and Prejudice, in my opinion, is the best book ever written. Now that’s not the confession, that’s just a fact.
Ok, here it goes.
I’ve had an inkling, a desire if you will, to rewrite it from Mr. Darcy’s perspective and call it Prejudice and Pride.  My mind has been working around the idea for years, but I am afraid that it will end up a lot like the woman who “fixed” the church painting. So if any of you out there have the skill and audacity to try and capture Mr. Darcy, feel free to take my idea. Just don’t be surprised if the world shakes their head at you as much as they are the woman mentioned above.