Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Expectations

For the last five years I have worked every weekend. Until January when my husband and I decided enough was enough.
 I know working every weekend sounds horrible, but it was actually a really good thing for us, for our family.  My husband works Monday through Friday, so it let us always have someone home with the kids. It was a hard decision to make because even though I only worked 24 hours a week (12 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday) I was still considered full time and was paid that way. Only in nursing. Anyway, I digress. We decided it was time for us to have our weekends to spend together as a family. I went down to only one day a week, which in my case meant a substantial cut in pay.
Strangely enough we’re doing fine, actually better than fine. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on all those years. I can’t wait for this summer to go to the local park and cook some hamburgers and throw the Frisbee around with my kids. Simple things, but important.
As it turns out, you can’t decide you want to go camping for Memorial Day weekend three weeks beforehand and still expect to get a campsite somewhere.
I guess I’ve just been out of the loop for too long, but I’ll know better for next year.