Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday was Memorial Day, and that had me thinking. I know that for much of the country Memorial Day is time to remember all of those who have died to give us the freedoms we now enjoy and it is for me too, but it’s also more.
I take the word Memorial Day literally. I remember; those I’ve lost, those I’ve loved, my childhood home, all the changes that have taken place in my life. Memorial Day is a very important time for me, always has been. It is a day to take stock. If I’ve lost touch with friends –Is it time to call them? If I’m not the mother I dreamt I would be- Is it time to pray for patience with my kids? If I’ve forgotten something about my Poppy or Nana- Is it time that I sat back and made a conscious effort at remembering?  
What from your personal history have you forgotten? What needs to be remembered?
History does repeat itself. So here’s to purposefully remembering the past, to repeat the good stuff and leave the rest behind.