Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nephilim = Cannibals

Probably the most terrifying thing about the Nephilim is the fact that they were cannibals. Many legends have their origins in truth, and this one is no exception. The giants of old used to eat people. Picture it, seeing one of them. They are huge. They are strong. There is no way you can win. And the last thought that goes through your mind as their mouth closes around your leg is that you will be alive to watch most of the feast.
 Psalm 22:12, 13 and Numbers 13; 32b-33, as well as The Book of Enoch Chapter 7 indicate that their hungers are insatiable. They devour whatever they can get their hands on, mankind included. Next writing will focus once again on the Rephaim, then we will move onto another topic: Nazarenes.