Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nephilim = Anakites

This was my first clue that the Bible had more to say on Nephilim than Genesis 6:1-4.
I typed in Nephilim in my handy-dandy computerized reference Bible and a second verse concerning the Nephilim appeared. Numbers 13:33: We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak come from the Nephilim). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.
So there I had it. My first clue.
Anakites were considered Nephilim. So I went back to my reference and typed in a new word. Anakites. 16 matches. That was better than only the two I had gotten for Nephilim.
Number 13:22 said they used to live in Hebron
Deuteronomy 1:28 stated that Anakites are strong and tall and had tall fortified cities
Deuteronomy 2:10, verified again that they were strong and tall.
Deuteronomy 2:11 Was the first mention of the Rephaim, which we will get to later. They were also known as Emites, or the ruling class of the Nephilim.
Deuteronomy 9:2 Who can stand against the Anakites?
Joshua 11:21, verifies that they lived in Hebron, in fortified cities, in the hill country
Joshua 15:13 told me that Arba was the forefather to Anak. Verse 14 told me that Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai were his descendants.
Joshua 21:11 told me that Kiriath Arba  was another name for Hebron, and it was in the hill country surrounding Judah. They had been given to Caleb as a possession. Later in my studies I was to find that Caleb had been given the land of Bashan. But that, too, will come later.
Judges 1:20 confirmed that Hebron had been given to Caleb, and that indeed had been the former home of the three sons of Anak.
So now I had new words to research, new leads to follow: Arba, Rephaim, Emites, Sheshai, Ahiman, Talmai,  and Hebron. Not a bad start after only initially thinking there were only two verses in the entire Bible about Nephilim.
Until next time- Mel